How Floodtide works

Here is some information about how Floodtide works.

Tide sensor

At the start of the Floodtide process is a sensor in the water which reads the speed of flow. We use the Nortek Vectrino - an acoustic doppler velocimeter. This is managed by custom software to read the Vectrino and upload data about the speed of flow to our server every 5 seconds.

Floodtide server

Tide data from the server is stored on our server so that people performing Floodtide can access it. You can see the data by opening a Floodtide Notation window or looking at the graph.

How the notation is generated


Tempo follows the rate of tidal flow - as the current gets faster so does the music!


Rhythm is generated by converting the live tide rate into a binary number. Where there is a 1 in the binary number a note is generated at that beat of the bar.


There are different pitch schemes. In all cases a set of pitches is generated and the 'rhythm' algorithm chooses which pitches are presented in the music.

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Floodtide Version 2.0 March 2015